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This page looks into a some controversial subject matter. If you don't want to know about what's going on around you, just stick you're head in the sand one more day and maybe it will all go away.

...or will it ???

Balanced budget or not, this is America's real nemesis!!!

The National Debt Right Now Is...

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(3/20/99 SW Michigan with pictures!)

The Gulf War Syndrome
(A Cover-Up We Should All Fear)

Nuclear Terrorism In The U.S.A.
(Look At This Possible Threat)

What The Law Says About Experimentation On The General Public
(Using Biological Or Chemical Entities)

Area 51
(The 'Secret' Government Base In Nevada)

The National UFO Reporting Center
(Report - Or - Look At Reports)

Anomalies Found On Our Moon
(Some Pictures To Look At)

Anomalies Found On Mars
(Pictures And Explanations)

Nikola Tesla
(A Genius, An Inventor, A Man Before His Time)

Archeological Developments At Giza
(New Finds Under The Sphinx And In The Great Pyramid)

Learn About The Great Pyramid
Part #1 And Part #2
(Very Interesting!)

Live Video Feeds From Nasa
(Very Cool, Especially When The Shuttle's Up)

(The Greatest Visionary That Ever Lived)

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